Admissions Scandal Hits Close to Home

The investigation has ensnared Georgetown University, in the person of Gordon Ernst, a former tennis coach who has been, according to reports, charged with racketeering and conspiracy.

D.C. Public School Starts Today — With All Buildings Closed

Ideally, all students should be able to get DCPS programs online with their student ID and have a device with a keyboard and, if possible, headphones.  

Last Chance: ‘Berthe Morisot: Woman Impressionist’

The first American exhibition devoted to Morisot in more than 30 years, the show, at Philadelphia's Barnes Foundation, closes Jan. 14.

Virtual Learning Is Here to Stay

"There’s been more experimentation with pedagogy in the last five months at Georgetown than in the last 200 years." — Douglas Reed of Georgetown...

Back to School (Sort of) in Georgetown

As schools in D.C. and Georgetown grapple with being fully online, fully in-person or a mix this fall, we must ask: What is best...

Sheila Johnson’s Salamander Resort Opens in Middleburg

After years of work, design, discussion and delays, Salamander Resorts and Spa in Middleburg, Va., formally opened the morning of Aug. 29 with snips of golden scissors at the entrance to "Sheila Johnson's house." An hour's drive from D.C., the 168-room luxury resort sits on 340 acres and is filled with Johnson's idea of the Middleburg experience and mystique with finely detailed rooms, spas and pools, a library and club bar, cooking studio, wine bar, a stable-inspired restaurant, a stable and paddock, conference rooms, ballroom and terraces. It is the "only new luxury destination resort in the United States to open in 2013," according to Salamander Resort & Spa. Prem Devadas, president of Salamander Resorts, greeted the opening-day guests at the front entrance: "Welcome to the house that Sheila Johnson built." He thanked officials from Middleburg and Loudoun County and introduced the speakers. Middleburg Mayor Betsy Davis recalled that -- after contentious debates on the project and its approval -- Salamander founder Johnson told Middleburg officials seven years ago, "I won't let you down." Davis said that she admired Johnson's way of "paying it forward" and added, "Sheila, we will let you down." Scott York, chairman-at-large of the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors, crumbled up his speech and said everyone was waiting to see Salamander's interior as quickly as he praised the resort's economic benefits. (Salamander has 2,000 employees.) Rita McClenny, head of Virginia Tourism, tagged Salamander "a crown jewel" for the state and recalled that Jackie Kennedy put Middleburg on the map in a big way 50 years ago. David Gergen of CNN also touched at the history of Middleburg with its connection to the Kennedys and the Harrimans. Gergen mentioned that the resort's opening was during the week of the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington and Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech. Gergen said he found it "fitting that … we come to celebrate Sheila’s dream" and noted that Johnson is a co-producer of the film, "The Butler." As she thanked the many involved in the project, Johnson -- businesswoman, philanthropist and second richest black women in the U.S. -- spoke of feeling "so many emotions." "Look at what we have accomplished." When she moved to Middleburg years ago, "Middleburg was my refuge," she said. "I found friendships. I felt at home." With the vision of her resort fulfilled, she said, "There is love in every single detail." And so, with the ribbon-cutting, Salamander was open -- and guests eagerly entered "Sheila's house" to have some champagne and a very fine lunch under the supervision of chef Todd Gray. They could see and taste the love in every detail. [gallery ids="101437,153974,153956,153951,153948,153944,153976,153961,153966,153970" nav="thumbs"]

Some, Not All, Child Care Facilities Reopening

Facing increased costs associated with cleaning, personal protective equipment and smaller class sizes, several Georgetown child care providers are not planning to offer in-person services this fall.

Exotic Extract Proven to Help Weight-Loss

Say hello to garcinia cambogia, a plant indigenous to the southeast of Asia and a proven appetite suppressor and energy producer. Garcinia cambogia has been a popular ingredient in yogurts and soups for several decades in countries like Sri Lanka and India, a fact that excited researchers and proves that this fruit is, so far as we know, not harmful to your health. One of the premier doctors researching this fruit is Georgetown University’s Dr. Harry Preuss. Preuss started as a hypertension researcher but soon became fascinated with blood sugar and nutrition. In the early 2000s, Georgetown University conducted a study of 90 people in India on the effects of garcinia cambogia on their body weight. The results were astonishing, showing weight loss, decreased BMI and an increase in the body’s ability to burn fat. The fruit, known as a tamarind, looks like a small green pumpkin and has a sour taste, but its extract holds the secret. It contains a hydroxycitric acid (HCA), which blocks the conversion of carbohydrates into fat and instead forces them to convert directly into energy. Hydroxycitric acid can either be active or inactive. The active form is what brings in the results, but it can easily become inactive if mixed with a fluid to form into a lactone.To prevent this, HCA is converted into a salt—usually calcium, but it can be potassium or magnesium. So why not just take in a calcium salt? Taking only calcium would require extremely high doses to see minimal results. The best intake would be a supplement with at least 50% HCA in the calcium salt form that includes potassium or magnesium. Dr. Preuss also suggests taking a supplement that includes chromium, a mineral that helps to digest food but, when part of an eating regimen, would help lead to fat loss without muscle loss. Supplements can be beneficial, but Preuss wants to remind users that people want to make money and will sometimes put false products on the market. In general, always double check ingredients and dosages, and talking to a doctor before trying anything is always a good idea. The study in India tested a brand called Super Citrimax through InterHealth Nutraceuticals, which is 60% HCA and contains both potassium and chromium. While this particular brand cannot be found in our local CVS, it can be ordered online and is reasonably priced (between $10 and $20). A dosage would entail 1.5 grams (two capsules three times a day) of the calcium salt taken on an empty stomach at least 30 minutes before eating. Dr. Preuss stresses that these are aids in weight loss. Your metabolic rate will naturally lower when you suppress your appetite and Preuss suggest a green tea or coffee extract to increase metabolism again so that your body doesn’t plateau. “It’s a program,” he says. “Be reasonable about it. It won’t work in two or three days.” So garcinia cambogia isn’t exactly the miracle fat burner that we might be waiting for, but it is definitely one of the biggest advancements in weight loss in the past several years. Like most things, it works best when balanced with exercise and healthy eating, but in the words of Dr. Preuss, “If you don’t comply, don’t complain.” And be sure to stick to the correct dosages for the best results. [gallery ids="101351,152339" nav="thumbs"]

Virginia’s Second-Home Market Is Hot, Hot, Hot … and Transformed

Instead of recreational purposes like horseback riding, hunting and gardening, what buyers now seek is refuge, a space to spread out and distance from their neighbors.

Plastic Straws Could Be Out the Door

A 2017 documentary titled “Straws” is drawing as much attention to plastic straws as Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” did to climate change. However, no group of skeptics about the dangers of plastic straws has appeared (as yet).