Working From Home: Designing a Space You Can Live With

What do you do if you don’t have the square footage to dedicate to a single-purpose room — or to a single person? 

Breathe Easier With DIY Masks

Now that the CDC is advising us, symptomatic or not, to wear masks when we go outside, they are, of course, nowhere to be found.

A Guide to Quarantine Glamour

Days in our comfy college sweatshirt, unwashed hair and no makeup are driving us to the brink — and our partners to the hills.

COVID-19 by the Numbers: How Bad Is It?

The number of known positive cases is growing everywhere. But the determining factors in the severity of the disease are the number and percentage of deaths.

Coronavirus Distractions: Animal Shows

Need to distract yourself from thinking about COVID-19? One of our writers suggests tuning into some animal television.

Touring Egypt: From the Sublime to the Surreal

For the first two weeks of March, my main concerns were whether I was brave enough to ride a camel (no) and wondering out...

How Are Things on Your Tightrope?

Let’s be honest. We all struggle with time. We long for 26 hours per day, but the painful truth is that most of us live way beyond our means in terms of time.

Coronavirus Dos and Don’ts

There are some simple things to do to help prevent the spread of illness, applicable not just to coronavirus but to many other types of ailments. Mayor Bowser’s recommendations mirror the CDC’s ones.

Park Service: Cherry Blossoms to Peak March 27

The National Cherry Blossom Festival, which encompasses dozens of events, will kick off with an opening ceremony on Saturday, March 21, and continue through Easter Sunday, April 12.

A Winter Escape to the Greenbrier

A Swedish massage at the famed resort is only a train ride away. The multiple restaurants, casino and massive parlor fireplace will keep you warm and entertained.