Wild Thistle Kitchen: Afghan Scrambled Eggs with Naan

April 21, 2022

Afghan Scrambled Eggs with Afghan Naan (Khagina with Noni Afghani) It doesn’t get much better than these spicy, fragrant scrambled eggs served alongside fresh, warm flatbread. My favorite recipes are […]

Cook on a Whim: Afghan Scrambled Eggs

April 16, 2020

Inspired by a very traditional, very delicious Afghan dish that was served to me when I was visiting my father in Afghanistan many years ago, this is a dish I have never forgotten

A Young Pianist Plays Chopin at Afghan Embassy

November 25, 2019

On Nov. 22, Elham Fanoos came as a bearer of gifts, not just musical, but the story of his own history, which has considerable weight and twists and turns.