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As a newspaper whose “influence far exceeds its size, since 1954,” The Georgetowner serves not only the most historic neighborhood in the nation’s capital — Georgetown — but surrounding neighborhoods in Washington, Maryland and northern Virginia. With a readership of over 50,000, The Georgetowner is a free, monthly tabloid-size newspaper that reaches a unique, upscale and sophisticated market and has become a “must-read” in the Washington, D.C. area. Specializing in the Georgetown lifestyle, we focus on the arts, real estate, education, dining, health, beauty, fashion, society and travel. Our popular In-Country travel section features destinations of interest such as the Virginia hunt and wine countries or vacations to Martha’s Vineyard or along the Atlantic seaboard. We also investigate and report on influential public, cultural and intellectual figures and trends in the region. The Georgetowner is mailed to all Georgetown residents and businesses as well as upscale neighborhoods in the D.C. metropolitan area. We also publish a twice-weekly free online newsletter which can be subscribed to from the front page of this website. Mondays online, we focus on the news-of-the-day, while on Thursdays, we survey social and cultural activities and weekend topics of interest.

Publisher: Sonya Bernhardt
Editor in Chief: Robert Devaney
Interim Editor: Richard Selden
Senior Correspondent: Peggy Orchowski
Director of Content & Advertising : Kate Oczypok
Graphic Designer: Troy Riemer

Contributing Writers:

Mary Bird
Susan Bodiker
Allyson Burkhardt
Evan Caplan
Didi Cutler
Donna Evers
Michelle Galler
Amos Gelb
Wally Greeves
Christopher Jones
Kitty Kelley
Rebekah Kelley
Jody Kurash
Shelia Moses
Kate Oczypok
Linda Roth
Alison Schafer
Mary Ann Treger


Philip Bermingham
Jeff Malet
Patrick G.Ryan
Neshan Naltchayan
Yvonne Taylor

Georgetown Media Group, Inc.
1050 30th Street NW, Washington, D.C. 20007