Cocktail of the Month: The Kamikaze  

June 12, 2024

 Last month, our column honored Mother’s Day with a cocktail fit for a queen. This month, we’ll celebrate the summer solstice with a princely — or soon-to-be kingly — tipple.   […]

Toast Mom Like a Queen With This Drink 

May 2, 2024

The last few years have been a frenzy for royal watchers. Starting with Harry and Meghan’s breakaway, their blockbuster Oprah interview and Harry’s “Spare” memoir, continuing with Queen Elizabeth II’s […]

Cocktail of the Month: Eclipse Rum Punch

April 3, 2024

America will seem to forget about hate and politics for about five minutes on Monday afternoon. From Austin to Akron; from giant cruise ships off the Mexican Riviera to quaint […]

Cocktail of the Month: Dragon’s Breath. Happy New Year!

February 8, 2024

Enter the Dragon. February 10 begins the Year of Dragon, which is considered one of the most powerful and promising years in the Chinese Zodiac. A majestic and larger-than-life creature, […]

Cocktail of the Month: A Spirited Crunch-Time Elixir

January 4, 2024

Could it be the ultimate Super Bowl snack/drink combo? Or the “cheesiest” beverage ever? Whatever you call it, this is nacho average elixir. As a cocktail writer, I’ve sampled spirits […]

Cocktail of the Month: Filipino Christmas 

December 6, 2023

Western adventurers looking for a jovial Christmas escape often overlook Asian destinations due to cultural and religious differences. For the majority of people in the Far East, December 25th is […]

Cocktail of the Month: The Autumn ‘Rum Bunny’  

November 8, 2023

Late October was an interesting time in D.C. While the Republicans were mired in a prolonged game of “trick or treat” trying to elect a speaker, a spate of summery […]

Cocktail of the Month: Fiji Delight

October 5, 2023

As the cabin lights dimmed, I settled in for a long ride. The screen in front of me illuminated with a rolling scene of a crystal blue water. I heard […]

Cocktail of the Month: Pixie’s Pink Punch

August 17, 2023

There’s little doubt that 2023 will go down in history as the year of pink.   To start, Director Greta Gerwig’s pink fantasy Barbie movie has been an historic success, becoming […]

Cocktail of the Month: The Sour-sicle, Inspired by Bali Beaches

June 8, 2023

June is here and time to create some Facebook envy. It seems like everyone’s social media feed is lit up with with glam shots of summer vacation fun.  Where I […]