200,000 Women Expected at Jan. 21 March

January 12, 2017

Last month, D.C. police issued a permit for a gathering of women from across the country — perhaps as many as 200,000 — at Independence Avenue and 3rd Street SW […]

So Long, Special Agents

For the past several years, my Georgetown street has been arguably the most protected in D.C. The secretaries of State and Homeland Security live here. Both cabinet positions were assigned round-the-clock […]

ANC Meeting Rescheduled to Jan. 30; New Regulations in Effect

The Georgetown-Burleith Advisory Neighborhood Commission postponed its Jan. 2 meeting until Jan. 30, when it will hold a combined January-February gathering. The commission will also face almost a dozen new regulations […]

All Police to Wear Cameras; Footage Viewable by Public

Guess you can say the pilot program begun in 2014 to test the effectiveness of 75 Metropolitan Police Officers to activate body cameras when on active duty was a resounding […]

Opinion: Sen. Sessions Facing Unwarranted Attacks

Donald Trump’s pick for attorney general deserves a thorough and respectful hearing, says this writer.

D.C.’s Electors — All Democrats — Cast Votes Today

December 23, 2016

Beginning 5 p.m. today at the John A. Wilson Building: an event that is not normally newsworthy.

Megyn Kelly’s Message: ‘Settle for More’

December 19, 2016

Adweek’s news anchor of the year spoke at Sixth & I Historic Synagogue Dec. 5 about her life and her new book.

Residents Tell Chief They Fear Rising Crime

December 15, 2016

At the Dec. 7 Citizens Association of Georgetown public safety meeting, concerns and tips were shared.

A Georgetown Christmas: Churches and Markets

December 7, 2016

As Washington is a city of trees, it is a city of churches and markets. The atmosphere of Christmas is certainly alive in Washington — all you have to do […]

A Georgetown Christmas: Making Memories

Buying a Christmas tree is a family event that marks the beginning of Christmas for many Georgetowners. Ethan and Lindsey Drath’s three children had a big say in selecting their […]