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All About Politics: Running (or Not) for Mayor, Governor

Former Mayor Vince Gray — who lost to Bowser in 2014 and is now the Council member from Ward 7 — very much wants to run again for mayor, our columnist believes.

In Defense of the National Anthem and Francis Scott Key

Vandals desecrated the Francis Scott Key Monument in Baltimore and displayed their own misreading of history.

2 Who Made D.C. Better

Before I venture into the political world, I want to remember two people who devoted their lives to making D.C. a better place. Stu Long Stu...

Where’s the Vision for K/Water Street?

Let’s start with the old Aqueduct Bridge remnant. Where K (or Water) Street ends, this abutment at the west end of Georgetown is popular...

2 of the Best Things About the U.S.

Over the past week, scenes of incredible rescues and help for victims by volunteers during the storm of the millennium in Texas reminded me...

Seeking Relief, Unity from Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey remains with us. The disastrous storm stayed, and it rained and rained. People took to boats and 17,000 were rescued in Texas and...

No Break from Trump Thrill Ride

In the onrush of headlines, the president has created a world of almost daily turmoil, even during the Great American Eclipse.

Letter to the Editor: Improvements to Water-K Street

The D.C. Department of Transportation recently gave notice of its intention to make improvements to Water-K Street along the Georgetown waterfront.

Divided We Stumble: Facing Our Past With Empathy

Last week was Donald Trump’s week. It was the week of Charlottesville, the violent demonstrations there — the death of Heather Heyer — and the clashes...

Jack Evans Report

As the D.C. area dives into August, all of us look forward to taking our summer vacations, either to the beach or to somewhere...

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