Al Tiramisu Promotes Italian Cuisine

The weather outside was frightful but inside Al Tiramisu restaurant on Apr. 16, it was only sunshine and Italian cuisine at its authentic best. To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy and the 15th anniversary of his Dupont Circle restaurant, chef/owner and enchanting host Luigi Diotaiuti launched the first in a series of cooking classes featuring 20 regions. Each class will feature insights into the history, culture, inhabitants, food and wine through a hands on cooking demonstration and three course repast with wine pairings. Saturday’s program focused on Sicily with baked sardines and a molded pasta dish highlighting eggplant followed by stuffed cuttlefish. The wines were the region’s stellar offerings. The next event will be May 21 showcasing Sardinia. The program will conclude with an anniversary feast in the fall.

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