Citizens ‘Boffi’ Over Chefs’ Treats

Julia Walter, manager of Boffi Georgetown, with Lillian Leong, president of Boffi USA. | Robert Devaney

The Citizens Association of Georgetown joined with Boffi, the high-end kitchen and bathroom showroom on M Street, and neighborhood chefs on March 21 to give residents an exquisite setting for a springtime taste of their restaurants’ culinary talents. From Clydes, Salvatore Ferro’s crab and spring vegetable salad; from Farmers & Fishers, Al Nappo’s baby cheeseburgers; from Mate, Kahn’s colorful sushi; from Mie N Yu, mixologist Mike Cherner’s cherry blossom cocktail; and from Paolo’s, Tom Chenshaw’s gnocchi. With demonstrations and advice from the chefs, the crowd noshed and chatted through the glassy lit, sleekly modern space. And secrets from the chefs? Ferro said, “Fresh ingredients and this guy,” pointing to his boss John Guattery, Clyde’s corporate chef. Farmers & Fishers’ Nappo revealed: “It’s all in the seasoning, my friend.” And one of the winners for a gift certificate at one of these places? This newspaper’s publisher, Sonya Bernhardt.

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