Sax Desires to Please With a Sexy Vibe

After a few preview parties, Sax, the new haughty, naughty restaurant in the old Posh space at 730 11th Street, NW, opens officially on Friday, May 13th. Sax owners Errol Lawrence and Nancy Koida (of Oya and Sei fame) offer a Moulin Rouge fantasy with a glass-enclosed, 20-foot burlesque and cabaret stage atop the main bar with velvet curtains and gold and red colors throughout, as well as a second floor. Oya chef Jonathan Seningen oversees the menu. (Steak tartare on crackers and other finger food were presented by corseted waitresses at the parties.)

But the scandalous murals on politics and religion prompt the most buzz in this nation’s capital. Pictures of what looks like President Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky as well as Anita Hill and Justice Clarence Thomas gives one pause, not to mention other phallic-laden images of priests and God himself. Oh, Lord, forgive us our satire if not blasphemy. Publisher Larry Flynt was not at our party.

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