Carol Joynt at Rivers

By now a pro on the book circuit, Carol Joynt was wearing her new hat having penned Innocent Spouse. She was the featured guest at the second “Meet the Author” luncheon and book signing at Rivers at the Watergate on June 21. Publicist Liz Sara introduced Carol who said she had lived “the American dream” before the rude awakening of the untimely death of her husband Howard and the harsh reality of crushing payments owed to the IRS. The former producer and “big game hunter,” snaring elusive guests for Larry King Live, spoke of her happy marriage and the joy of having a son Spencer. Mother and son persevered as Carol endeavored to run the legendary Nathan’s, unprepared for the rigors of the restaurant business. Her successful innocent spouse defense against the IRS was a milestone. After speaking, she took questions from both the luncheon goers and viewers of a life streaming broadcast before signing her well-received memoir.

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