Changing 14th Street

In just two decades, the street formerly dubbed “auto row” has been reborn as the Fourteenth Street Arts Corridor – a hip, fun stretch of road lined with trendy boutiques, cute restaurants and of course, art galleries exhibiting a wealth of talents, styles and expressions.

Irvine Contemporary Art

1412 14th St. NW | (202) 332-8767 |
Hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 11AM-6PM
The Irvine Contemporary Art Gallery celebrates its 10th anniversary with Artists Tribute, its summer exhibition series featuring artists who have shared their talent with the gallery over the years. The gallery supports emerging contemporary artists who specialize in a myriad of styles and media.

Photo courtesy of Irvine Contemporary and the Artist: Oliver Vernon, “Lifelines”, 2011.

Hemphill Fine Arts

1515 14th St. NW | (202) 234-5601 |
Hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 10 AM – 5 PM
It would be impossible to categorize Hemphill Fine Artsin a single word because the breadth of talent and variety of style defies classification, leaving audiences to ponder and explore the diverse subject matter and materials. Its current exhibition, Workingman Collective: Prospects and Provision will run until August 20.

Photo courtesy of Workingman Collective and Hemphill Fine Arts: Workingman Collective, Provisions (installation view), 2011

Gallery Plan B

1530 14th St. NW | (202) 507-8165 |
Hours: Wednesday – Saturday 12-7 PM, Sunday1-5 PM
A newer presence on the corridor,Gallery Plan B thrives on the diversity and experimentation of its artists’ work. This freeness of style coheres with the casual, relaxed atmosphere of the gallery itself. Gallery Plan B is currently hosting an exhibition by Lauren Sleat, which will continue through July 24.

Photo from gallery website: Drawing by Lauren K. Sleat, 2009

DC Loft Gallery

1926 14th St. NW | (202) 507-8165 |
The assorted art on exhibit at the DC Loft Gallery reflect the ever-changing trends and styles of D.C. society. The gallery is new to the corridor, having just opened in September 2010, and welcomes the work of local artists and art students. The owner himself, Joseph Teshome, is not an artist but a software developer, making innovation a common theme in both aspects of his life.

Photo from DilipSheth, “Circle of Life”, 2011

Hamiltonian Gallery

1353 U St. NW | (202) 332-1116 |
Hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 12:00 – 6:00 PM
The building that houses the Hamiltonian Gallery was originally built as a stable in 1988. The building might have a long history, but the artists promoted by the gallery have only just begun to write theirs. Zoë Charlton is curating the current exhibit, Fellows Converge: Broadly Thinking, featuring work by the gallery’s newest fellows and encouraging them to analyze and critique each others work.

Photo from gallery website: Jenny Mullins “Mountian Dew Presents The Dew Love Dharma Tent”, 2011

Transformer Gallery

1404 P St. NW | (202) 483-1102 |
Hours: Wednesday – Saturday, 1-7 PM
The Tranformer Gallery strives to promote and cultivate the talent and reputation of new artists, and encourages them to push the boundaries of traditional art styles and media. The gallery’s summer exhibition, E8: Sculpture, is one of a series of exhibitions by emerging artists as part of the program Exercises for Emerging Artists. E8 will spotlight sculptors Oreen Cohen, Sean Lundgren and LindsyRowinski individually.

Photo courtesy of Transformer Gallery: Oreen Cohen “Running Drill”, 2011

Adamson Galleries

1515 14th St. NW | (202) 232-0707 |
Hours: Tuesday -Friday 11:30-5:00 PM,?Saturday 12:00-5:00 PM
Exhibitions at the Adamson Gallery feature everything from fine art prints to sculpture, with particular interest in photography and work by established artists.The gallery and the affiliated Adamson Editions – originally a lithography studio – were founded by Master Printer David Adamson, who was also one of the world’s first digital ateliers in the 90s.

Photo courtesy of Adamson Gallery: Portrait of Kate Moss by Chuck Close – “untitled” ( Kate)

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