Pork Is King at Bourbon Steak’s ‘Pig Out’ Party

The second annual “Pig Out” at Bourbon Steak, located at the Four Seasons Hotel, was sold out before the details were read in the newspaper.

Priced at $35 or $50 (drinks included) the more than ample pork-centric feast on Aug. 14 proved a bargain. Where else in Georgetown could you enjoy foodie delights from Bourbon Steak executive chef Adam Sobel and executive sous chef William Morris — and the main event: a 300-lb spit-roasted pig from Eco-Friendly Foods? Along with the pulled pork, there was cornbread, coleslaw and baked beans. Then, there was the hot dog cart of bratwurst, sausages and half-smokes out on the patio. And the taco stand which included chicarrones, carnitas, cabeza and barbacoa. Also, BBQ ribs, to chew on. And oysters to slurp, too. DC Brau, the D.C.-based brewing company, delivered beers and pale ales. There were punches, such as lime and squash, to drink. Desserts by Bourbon Steak’s pastry chef Brenton Balika included banana cream pie, cherry pie and freshly made ice cream. Enough for you?
Sunday afternoon offered a three-hour pork paradise at the Four Seasons. After all, Bourbon Steak is the restaurant where you can buy a pulled-pork cheedar cupcake for $7. It is not on the menu; you have to ask for it. And, yes, it is the chef’s send-up of those cupcake shops down on M Street.


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