Maloof Money Cup Inaugurates D.C.’s New Skate Park (photos by Jeff Malet)

DC has a new skate park this year, courtesy of the Maloof family. Skateboarders from around the world competed for the Maloof Money Cup in Washington DC on September 3-4 before an enthusiastic crowd. The grand prize of $160,000 was taken away by longtime skateboard pro Andrew “the Boss” Reynolds from Hollywood, CA.

The 15,000 square-foot foot park was built in the parking lot of RFK stadium for this competition and will remain a permanent fixture for the city, courtesy of the Maloof’s, current owners of the Sacramento Kings NBA team . The Maloof Money Park is said to be inspired by Freedom Plaza and the buildings of Pennsylvania Avenue, a popular, though restricted, area for skateboarding. The new venue has multiple stages and stairs, banks and gaps and a bump to a metal trash can, which is commonly found in D.C. cement plazas. Importantly it will give the kids a place to go where they will be welcome.
(all photos by Jeff Malet


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