Accused of Wanting to ‘Bomb Georgetown,’ Muth Stays in Jail

It’s never a good thing, especially in our post-9/11 world, to be accused of threatening to “kill all Americans” and “bomb Georgetown.” So continues the weird tale of the alleged killer of Viola Drath, who lived on Q Street.

Albrecht Gero Muth, 47, charged with the second-degree murder of his 91-year-old wife Viola Drath, was ordered to remain in prison by D.C. Superior Court Judge Gerald Fisher during a Sept. 9 hearing. Muth’s next hearing is set for Nov. 18.

There was “ample circumstantial evidence” which connected Muth to Drath’s Aug. 11 death, reported The Washington Post, which also cited the judge’s observation that Muth held “prior animosity toward his wife of 22 years and would benefit financially from her death.” The judge also concluded the the murder suspect was dangerous and likely a flight risk. Muth was arrested Aug. 16 by Metropolitan Police.

Muth protested during the hearing, claiming that he was a officer in the Iraqi Army and that his imprisonment was a violation of the Geneva Convention. The Embassy of Iraq has stated that Muth is in no way associated with any governmental agencies of Iraq.

Then, a new twist was revealed, as reported in the Washington Post: “The new allegations against Muth came from James Wilson, one of the lead homicide detectives investigating the case. Wilson said that Drath spoke with a lawyer about having Muth removed from her will about nine months before her death. She also solicited help from various people to have Muth deported because he repeatedly threatened and abused her and had threatened to ‘kill all Americans,’ Wilson said. In April, Wilson said, Drath told a witness that her husband had planned to ‘bomb Georgetown.'”

During the hearing, Muth’s defense lawyer Dana Page argued that there was no hard evidence against her client. The motives of witnesses were questioned as well as those of neighbors who had heard of domestic abuse and did not call police.


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