Georgetown Wing Co. Opening Week




-Georgetown Wing company opened its doors a week ago above Crepe Amore at 3291 M Street. The restaurant offers wings, friendly staff and a small bar.

Two Georgetown diners said the the food was good and decently priced. The current menu is the soft copy, and the items will be narrowed down to a shorter version with only the most popular selling items. The specials include $1.50 Miller Lite and Yuengling bottles and $3.00 Samuel Adams and Sierra Nevada. The restarant will also be having FIFA specials.

The Georgetowner crew sampled the restaurant’s trademark inferno and first-degree burn spicy wings, and their specialty mango and sweet sweet BBQ wings. Here’s their thoughts!

Siobhan (Wing connoisseur): “Lots of places in D.C. say their wings are hot when they’re not. But these had some heat to them. I just wish they were crispier.”
Justin (Buffalonian wing expert): “These are in the running to be one of the best wings in D.C.”
Garrett (Never met a wing he didn’t like): “The first-degree burn sauce is still flavorful with a kick, but the best option was the sweet barbecue wings.”
Charlie (Wing critic): “I am still a big fan of the honey barbecue, but the mango is a close second.”
Jenna (Texan barbecue queen): “It’s as good as any barbecue in Texas. You all know what that means.”
Nicole (The hotter the wings, the better): The first-degree burn spicy had a nice kick, but I’ve worked in a sports bar that specialized in wings and these are not the best I’ve ever had. They’re not Buffalo enough.”
Caitlin (Meat lover): “The wings tasted great, and the price is reasonable.”
Jillian (Vegetarian): “The sauce tastes good!”

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