Georgetown Christmas: Dave’s Yuletide Poem 2011


Let’s order the fine Christmas wine

For the Obamas while they Georgetown dine

Maybe at Citronelle, or at the 1789

The first family loves G’town, it’s a treat

We often see them at Thomas Sweet.

It’s time to pour some Christmas cheer

For Georgetowner readers, far and near.

Put spicy glogg beneath the tree

For Georgetown sage Richard McCooey.

And, garcon, Champagne brut, merci

For restaurateurs Billy Martin and Franco Nuschese.

Some festive punch on Christmas days

For John, Sharon and Samantha Hays

Sue Hamilton, Janine Schoonover, Rokas Beresniovas,

Beth Webster, Sophie Montagne and Katherine Kallinas.

And let the Yuletide trumpets play

Allegro cheers for Vincent Gray

And don’t forget to paint the town

with Jack Evans, Vincent Orange and Kwame Brown.

Deck the lamps on our throughfare

For those who really care,

Mary Meyer, Jorge Bernardo, Mary Ann Brennan,

Wendy Erlanger, Stacy Kerr and Linda Greenan.

And serve some toddy, hot and mellow,

To Ginger Laytham and her fellow.

Send Christmas cookies, and don’t be late,

To Grace Bateman, Robert vom Eigen and Ann Satterthwaite.

The Georgetown waterfront is no longer a dream,

It is now our village’s creme de la creme.

Hark the herald angels sing joyous

For GU prez John DiGioias

Thanks for all you do for our Town

Even though there are some who frown

on the Campus Plan, and all it may portend

At this time of year let’s all be of good cheer

Pour us another tall, cold, Christmas beer.

Fill a cornucopia up,

For Chichie and her pup.

Think some thoughts reflective

For bloggers Topher and Carol Joynt’s perspective.

Some holiday eggnog topped with cumin

For John Dreyfuss at the house Halcyon

And to the new owners Ryuji Ueno and Sachiko Kuno

Welcome to Georgetown, you know,

That house is Benjamin Stoddert’s old digs,

For you some Christmas dates and figs.

Sound three lusty New Year’s cheers

For BID’s Jim Bracco and Crystal Sullivan,

The time for redoing Wisc. Ave. is here

with the help of Herb Miller and John Assadoorian.

You can start by fixing the Georgetown Theatre’s neon

And bringing back a moviehouse a la Heon.

And one last Christmas wish is pending:

A hope that all Georgetowners spending

A crime-free Yule beneath their trees

Acknowledge a debt to Commander Reese,

Deputy Chief Patrick Burke and all the rest

At our Second District station, you’re the best.

And, hallelujah, say a prayer

For dedicated firemen everywhere

It’s time to end this doggerel

With Georgetowner’s wish for a fond Noel

And hopes that those whose names don’t rhyme

Will still be here next Christmastime

While all our New Year’s wishes unfold

Keep reading us for stories untold.

Merry Christmas,
David Roffman

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