Commuters Beware: Metro Construction this Weekend, L’Enfant Plaza, Eastern Market

Metro is accelerating its efforts to improve safety and return the system to a state of good repair. Their new track maintenance approach to major weekend track work involves temporarily closing individual stations or clusters of stations at a time and substituting buses for rail service. While it isn’t the most preferable thing to have the metro running sluggishly through the weekends, it’s a pretty decent way to go about it all things considered.

Metro says that the benefits to this new approach are that trains will operate more normally outside the work zone and with fewer delays, necessary track work will get done faster, and fewer customers will be inconvenienced by track work at a given time.

Shuttle bus service between the closed tracks are free.

This weekend, Metro will be shutting down the Orange and Blue line between L’Enfant Plaza and Eastern Market, which put the Federal Center and the Capitol South stops out of commission.

With metro delays and the surprisingly nice summer weather, this might be a good time to sign up for Capital Bikeshare!. Happy travels!

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