Citizens’ ‘Stick Up’

Set the scene at a local bank, plan a heist and throw a party a la movie, “The Thomas Crown Affair,” whose investigators say things like “I love this neighborhood,” “Some of these broads are wearing my salary” and “This is an elegant crime, done by an elegant person. It’s not about the money.” Sounds like a perfect fit for our town.

It was like that March 3 at the TD Bank on Wisconsin Avenue, where teller counters became the bar, during a benefit for the Citizens Association of Georgetown’s free music series, Summer Concerts in the Park, now in its 10th year

Suspects included Jennifer Altemus, Nancy Taylor Bubes, Jack and Michele Evans, Carol Joynt, John and Kristen Lever and Topher Mathews. What were they hiding? Joynt was carrying a kid’s pink backpack, Bubes lugged around a guitar case, Lever was rolling some luggage, and holding a vintage case was Altemus, who was caught trying to abscond with a Katherine Sable print. Whodunit? She did. The CAG president, no less. Mystery solved. What a town.

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