Viola Drath’s Alleged Killer Remains in Psych Ward



A D.C. Superior Court judge ordered Albrecht Muth, accused of killing his 91-year-old wife Viola Drath, held for another month during a mental health hearing last week. He has already been formally indicted for murder.

Muth remains in Saint Elizabeth’s psychiatric hospital for a competency test. Some want to make sure he is not faking his mental condition. He was said to have been hearing the voices of angels and seeing visions. Muth had previously protested his incarceration, saying it was all a plot by Iranian spies, and that he was an officer inthe Iraqi Army.

Drath and Muth lived in a townhouse near Q and 32nd Streets. Muth, who has plead not guilty, is scheduled to appear in court on April 25 to see if he is fit to be on trial at all.

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