Georgetown Students, Jack the Bulldog Welcome J.J., Puppy Mascot-in-Training

Jack the Bulldog's handler, Rev. Christopher Steck, S.J., welcomes J.J. to the campus. | courtesy of Georgetown University

It is a feel-good story the local media could not ignore.

J.J., or Jack Jr., the bulldog puppy in training to Georgetown University’s Jack the Bulldog, arrived at the university’s Healy Circle April 13 after his cross-country journey. Amid fanfare, TV news cameras and phone cameras, students applauded the puppy from San Diego, a gift from Janice and Marcus Hochstetler, bulldog breeders in California, who have two children at Georgetown.

Jack the Bulldog recently injured his left rear leg and is expected to have surgery soon. He will be returning this fall to continue rooting on the athletes and begin teaching J.J. what it means to be a Hoya. “Jack’s presence will provide important support to J.J. since the older dog is already comfortable with his life as a mascot at Georgetown,” said his handler, Rev. Christopher Steck, S.J., associate professor in theology. “J.J. will be looking for signals from Jack, and Jack’s enthusiasm in different environments will encourage J.J.’s own.”

The crowd sang a song, “Hey, J.J.,” in tune to Bruce Channel’s 1950s song, “Hey, Baby,” which went like this:

Hey, hey, J.J.
We wanna know if you’ll be our dog
Hey, hey, J.J.
We wanna know if you’ll be our dog
When I saw you walking down the street
I said oh, he’s the kind of dog I want to meet
He’s so fierce, oh, he’s fine
I’m gonna make him mine, oh, mine …

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