Vote April 3. After All, It’s Still Your Call


Roughly two weeks remain before Washington voters go to the polls for the District’s April 3 Primary Election.

It’s an unusual date — usually the District’s primary election is held in September, closer to the November general election.

Even if this election were deemed to be a special election, it sure doesn’t feel that way.  Many of the races —the Democratic Primary nominations for seats on the city council look to be shoo-ins, especially for Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans, who is running unopposed.  But in Ward 4, 7 and 8, incumbents Muriel Bowser, Yvette Alexander and Marion Barry, respectively,  face lots of opposition, none of which has received much coverage or appeared to generate much excitement.

The only truly high profile race is a kind of re-run — Vincent Orange is running again to hold his at-large seat on the council which he won narrowly over Republican Patrick Mara.  Sekou Biddle, a familiar face in roles as educator, local activist and for his brief, appointed term to the seat, lost that earlier race but is running again.

Orange, whom the Georgetowner endorsed in the previous election, has been dealing forthrightly with a few difficulties from the growing campaign contribution scandal involving developer Jeffrey E. Thompson, which has resulted in a shower of subpoenas for records of city council members by federal investigators.

Yet this atmosphere of scandal, ongoing investigations and trouble that hangs over the council (and the mayor as well) has never quite dissipated, which ought to make incumbents nervous.  Or, at least, get the electorate interested. It nevertheless effects the entire city and its image.

In any case, April 3 is the day to express yourself.  We’re not passing judgment here, although elections can take on aspects of judgment on the part of voters.  We don’t even need to say that we find the situation disheartening or exasperating. We’re just saying: Go out and vote.  Please.


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