2 Restaurant Robberies on Wisconsin Avenue; Landmark Healy Tower Clock Hands Stolen

There are two kinds of robberies: the ones that are serious and the ones that are not. medium complexions and thin builds.

When a handgun is involved, it’s always serious. When the hands of a clock are stolen, chances are it’s not serious–it’s tradition. (All right, one might fall from the clock tower.)

Handguns were involved in two robberies at or near restaurants Sunday, April 29. An armed suspect, dressed in black, described as light complexioned, robbed the popular Five Guys restaurant on Wisconsin Avenue of an undetermined amount of cash just before midnight.

Earlier that day around 1 p.m., two employees of Serendipity 3 Restaurant on M Street, taking a cigarette break outside the restaurant were robbed by two men who approached them asking for a cigarette. One of the men pulled a gun and demanded the victims’ wallets and phones. According to the Metropolitan Police Department, the two men were described as black males between 25 and 35 years old with medium complexions and thin builds. One man was described as wearing blue pants and a yellow shirt. The second man was described as having brown eyes and brown hair and wearing a black hat.

Elsewhere, a timely crime was visible to everyone, it being an iconic symbol for all of Georgetown. Over the weekend, it was discovered that the Healy Tower’s clock hands were missing, front and back, and not for the first time, either. As these are the end days of Georgetown University seniors, it was suspected that some upperclassmen may have absconded with the hands in a towering act of not quite derring-do. There is a tradition for this kind of dark-of-night theft in which the hands are then mailed to the Vatican stamped “Returned to Sender” — at least, according to Wikipedia– perhaps with a Latinate postmark. The last time the clock hands were stolen was in 2005. (Investigations are ongoing, and offenders can get suspended from school or worse.) Will they ever return? Their fate is still unknown, poor old clock hands.

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