Refined Bathroom Decor

Waterworks is a unique, family- owned business that — since its 1978 opening in Danbury, Conn. — has been selling everything for your bathroom — in all its decadence. The Georgetown location, now in its 15th year of operation, is one of 13 stores the company operates nationwide. “We sell bath fixtures, fittings, surfaces, and kitchen sinks,” said general manager Shanda Burk. “People come in for plumbing, tiles, and rugs — but it depends on what they’re looking for.”

The store’s appeal lies in the natural light reflected from its central skylight and the various windows located around the premises. “The natural light of the store is amazing. It’s so nice to see these products in a natural space, especially when picking surfaces,” Burk said.

Many products, including bath towels, bath accessories, bathtubs, and showers, are modeled within the store, providing customers with a picturesque image of what their future bathroom may look like. “It’s a bright, inviting and clean open space that showcases a distinct collection,” she added.

Waterworks’ style, Burk said, is: “Classic European traditional with high-end finishes, qualities, and focus on details.” It’s a style appealing to high-end clients in the Georgetown area.

Burk said the style is not for renters but homeowners. “When you walk into our store you’ll see that we have a certain look. The Waterworks look. It’s very distinct and people know it.”

If you’re looking to redesign, the consultants of Waterworks can assist you. “Our consultants have 40-plus years of experience in plumbing and tile,” Burk said. “They’re a very educated and knowledgeable staff.” If you want to check out more Waterworks work, visit the store at 3314 M Street, NW, or go online at ?

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