Fringe Festival: 2 Last-Minute Favorites

There is still time to catch a show at the Seventh Annual Capital Fringe Festival, which continues until July 29. With more than 140 productions, the vast selection has performances for all age groups.

For adult audiences, comedienne Vijai Nathan’s one-woman show, “McGoddess,” is grade-A humor with a side of religious insight. As the only American-born member of her Indian family, Nathan grapples with which traditions to embrace and ignore. The main issue is her family’s unabashed love of McDonald’s, which conflicts with her mother’s Hindu beliefs in the sacredness of cows. Nathan, who also wrote and directed the play, expands upon her journey of understanding the concept of God — all while influenced by a traditional Hindu mother, a born-again Christian sister and a cynical, Marxist father. With non-stop jokes and countless embarrassing yet relatable family stories, “McGoddess” is a provocative and clever performance that will have you craving for more laughs and a Big Mac.

As for a family affair, hear ye, hear ye, fair subjects of Georgetown! All ye in attendance at Scott Courlander’s “Medieval Story Land” are in for a treat. Noble and naïve elf Todd must fulfill his destiny by going on an epic quest to save the kingdom of Medieval Story Land from its impending doom. But fear thou not, for this show is the furthest thing from “Lord of the Rings.” With sword in tow, a disgraced knight, an overzealous dwarf, and a wisecracking troll accompany Todd on his pursuit. Along the way, he must wrestle up the courage to slay dragons, fight an evil army, triumph over a mystical wizard and defeat the eerie “dark, black darkness.” Entertaining for both children and adults, “Medieval Story Land” gives a wonderfully effortless twist on the classic renaissance hero story.

Visit for ticket information, or call 866-811-4111. Catch “McGoddess” on July 26, 7:30 p.m., or July 28, 9:15 p.m.; “Medieval Story Land,” July 28, 7:15 p.m., or July 29, noon. Both shows are performed at the Milton Theatre at the Studio Theatre located on 1501 14th St., N.W.


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