Shepherds Manor Creamery: A Whirlwind of Sheep Dairy

Michael Histon driving the tractor with the chefs behind him. | Ari Post

Nestled in the farmlands of New Windsor, Md., Shepherds Manor Creamery is the premiere destination for sheep cheese in the state. As one of approximately 100 sheep dairy farms in the United States, Shepherds Manor produces artisan sheep cheese and soap.

Sheep dairy farmers and proprietors of Shepherds Manor Creamery, Colleen and Michael Histon, participated in this year’s Chefs Go Fresh motorcycle rally. As hosts of the first stop on the excursion, the two gave visiting chefs a private tour of their sheep milking and cheese aging facilities. The Histons ended their presentation with samples of their artisan cheeses including feta and tome for the chefs.

“It was kind of a whirlwind,” Colleen Histon said of Chefs Go Fresh. “I thought it was great to meet all the people that we met but I wish we’d had more time so that we could show people more of the facility.”

The farm was awarded with the Carroll County Department of Economic Development’s Agribusiness Award in 2011 and has gained much notoriety for their agricultural diversity. Histon said that after Chefs Go Fresh, she and her husband were able to network with many of the chefs and restaurant owners.

“I was happy for the exposure and we did try to connect with some of the people that expressed interest,” she said. “We did get a few business cards and are actually planning on trying to use that information to contact them at a later date.”

As the Histons continue to expand their sheep cheese empire, their next big cheese showcase will be at the 29th annual Maryland Wine Festival from Sept. 15 to 16. For more information on Shepherds Manor Creamery, visit or call (240) 388-6633 to set up a visit. ?

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