Say ‘Bienvenido’ to Massimo Dutti


Georgetown’s fast fashion appeal continues to expand . . . locally and globally. Massimo Dutti opened at 1220 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, its second U.S. location after New York. The company is headquartered in Spain.
Next to the Third Edition and described by Thrillist as a “European J. Crew,” Massimo Duti offers well-priced, updated fashions for men and women. Considered especially fetching: a classic, yet modern, dress and a nice assortment of jackets, leather or not.

Wrote the New York Times on Nov. 27 of the newly opened store on Fifth Avenue: “New to the States, Massimo Dutti has the same parent company as Zara, which means a large-scale invasion may be imminent. It is the old-school Banana Republic to Zara’s Gap, more refined and more expensive and, in this case, more desir- able. . . . This might be the least expensive way in the city for a man to dress up. Prices are rea- sonable for clothes that are worthy simulations of expensive Italian and British styles.”

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