It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like



Christmas. . .in Georgetown. . .in Washington. The town is beginning to look a lot like that.

Georgetown’s business street lamps are decked out in greens and gold trees with the centerpiece of the Georgetown Business Improvement District’s effort to brighten up at the center of Wisconsin Avenue and M Street, an ornament with bows floating above the traffic. The silver trees shine at the eastern and western edges of our town.

The new ice skating rink at Washington Harbour is attracting large crowds to the waterfront, a place not normally filled with visitors in wintertime. Everyone there, restaurants and management company, worked together to make a complex beset by a flood more than a year ago into a greeting, meeting and eating space where people want to go. The restaurants are offering seasonal specials. Order a dish you’ve never eaten before.

The stores are becoming busy with customers checking their lists or looking for something unexpected or unique. Managers of new shops and old favorites hope they linger here and buy. Shop at a place you’ve not stopped at before. Buy an impractical gift.

The churches of Georgetown have begun the advent season and are filled with musical programs to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Temples are ready to light the menorahs to celebrate freedom from oppression and the grace of the Lord. It is the reason for the season in the first place.

The homes of this old town are receiving their Christmas trees, many bought from local non-profits and church sales.

Residents are gearing up for parties, whether with friends, business colleagues, charities or just fun. The Christmas tree lightings at the Capitol and the Ellipse are happening. Families have a few weeks before their winter break trips, just as the first family is set for Hawaii.

Take time to take it all in. We live in a special place. Walk through your town and your city, and see the world refreshed by the joys and wishes of this season.

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