Does Secondhand Rose Have An Imposter on Wisconsin Avenue?



Secondhand Rose of Georgetown, the well-regarded vintage, consignment clothing store at 1516 Wisconsin Ave., NW. Although the sign on the building has remained, the business itself, owned by Lynn Boynton, continues as an online business. The Wisconsin Avenue retail space appears to continue as “Secondhand Rose,” and that has created confusion and a problem.

Owner of the business, Secondhand Rose, Lynn Boynton, contacted this newspaper last week. In an email, she wrote, “I purchased the business 11 years ago from four women who had owned the business for 25 years. I had become weary of the condition of the building and decided it was time for a new location. I gave notice and moved on Nov. 14. The landlord Bok Hwang advertised the space in the Korean newspaper and found a new tenant, Susan Ro. Ms. Ro is using the name Second Hand Rose. DCRA has assured she cannot use my name. I am a corporation in good standing, and I have filed an official complaint. I am curious as to why Ms. Ro cannot give her business a unique name and feels a need to pose as Secondhand Rose. I worked hard for 11 years and have a faithful following. My customers became my friends and are confused and upset by this turn of events. I am still doing business, and my name is Secondhand Rose. Krista Johnson, owner of Ella Rue on P Street, went into 1516 Wisconsin Ave., and Ms. Ro told her she had purchased the business and it is under new management. Ms. Ro did not purchase my business. She offered me $5,000 and told me ‘That is my number, think about it.’ One item in my shop is worth more than $5,000, so there was nothing to think about. The landlord and his wife have told me on many occasions how important they believe the name Secondhand Rose is. I know he has encouraged his new tenant to use the name.”

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