Book Hill Benefit, April 10

The Friends of Book Hill Park plan a April 10 party at the 31st Street home of Cheryl and Mike Naeve to raise funds to complete the trident fence on the Reservoir Road section of the park.

“Our group was able to raise funds to restore the trident fence on the Wisconsin side of Book Hill Park,” said Julia Diaz-Asper, co-president of the board of Friends of Book Hill Park. “We also rescued the partial fence from the Georgetown Library’s basement and were able to restore it with the help of Outerbridge Horsey. We are missing the rest of the fence on the Reservoir Rd side of the park. Marston Luce referred us to a person who is able to reproduce the trident fence; the Trident logo was designed by a local artist. The trident motif was designed originally to represent the reservoir at the top of the hill behind the library.”

For more information, contact Julia Diaz-Asper at or 202-333-0077.

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