Muslim Women’s Association

Program Chair Gamila Karjawally; Dr. Rosa Rai Djalal, MWA President and wife of the Ambassador of Indonesia | Mary Bird

Mrs. Fügen Tan, wife of the Ambassador of Turkey, and Rosa Tai Djalal, president of the Muslim Women’s Association and wife of the Ambassador of Indonesia, hosted members and guests at the Embassy of Turkey Feb. 28. Several members took advantage of an optional guided tour to view “The Sultan’s Garden: The Blossoming of Ottoman Art” at the nearby Textile Museum before attending a late morning screening of “Süleiman the Magnificent,” followed by luncheon. Program chair Gamila Karjawally has the daunting responsibility of planning monthly embassy events as MWA, founded in 1960, fundraises for educational scholarships for Muslim women. Other events include the annual Muslim Women’s Bazaar and Ramadan Iftar dinners.

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