And the Winner Is . . .

Shortly before midnight last night, it was announced that incumbent Anita Bonds, 68, would hold onto her at-large seat on the D.C. Council.

About 10 percent of eligible voters went to the polls April 23, with Bonds securing about one-third of those votes. Bonds beat five opponents for the seat, including Democrat Elissa Silverman who received 28 percent of the vote to Bonds’s 32 percent.

Candidates competed for the at-large seat left vacant by Phil Mendelson, who became chairman of the District Council in November of last year. Bonds had been serving as an interim councilmember since December.

The special election also presented a ballot referendum to amend D.C.’s Home Rule Charter and give D.C. more budget autonomy. The amendment will allow the District to use its local revenue without congressional oversight. Although residents have approved the amendment, Congress still has to vote to approve the measure in 35 days.


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