Attempted Abduction at 34th & Prospect




-Early Sunday morning, Nov. 21, three unknown men attempted to abduct a male student near the corner of 34th Street and Prospect Street, reported Georgetown University’s Department of Public Safety.

According to the DPS alert, “at approximately 2:15 a.m., a student reported to MPD that while walking in the vicinity of 34th and Prospect Streets, three suspects approached him and attempted to engage him in conversation. One of the three unknown suspects then grabbed the student’s arm and began to pull him toward a black SUV that was parked nearby. He was released and the suspects fled when an MPD [Metropolitan Police Department] police car appeared. The three suspects are described as Hispanic males wearing black clothing. One of the suspects wore his hair in a ponytail.”

The Department of Public Safety says it has increased East Campus patrols after the attempted abduction, according to the Georgetown Voice news blog. “We are stepping up patrols of the East campus area in search of the suspects,” wrote Joseph Smith with university public safety. “I think this case demonstrates how important it is to walk in groups or pairs whenever possible and to report suspicious activity to the police.” He added: “To my knowledge, nothing of this sort has occurred in recent years within the campus vicinity.”

As indicated by Lt. Hedgecock, the Metropolitan Police Department and the university police are conducting an ongoing investigation into the crime.

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