Five Bike Sharing Stations Coming to Georgetown

SmartBikes | Flickr Creative Commons

Under a new bike sharing system in the District, Georgetown is expected to receive five stations, as announced by the D.C. Department of Transportation today.

The system called Capital Bikeshare will begin in the fall and will replace the SmartBike program that was introduced in 2008, according to the Georgetown Metropolitan.

Georgetown’s five stations will be among the 100 Capital Bikeshare stations that will set up in D.C. The five stations are spread throughout the Georgetown area, including one on K and 30th Streets in front of the Swedish Embassy. Another location — which was a proposed expansion area of SmartBike — is on Wisconsin Avenue just above the canal. The third will be located at Georgetown University and the fourth will be at Hardy Middle School across from the Social Safeway. The final bike station is on Wisconsin Avenue near 34th Street, as shown by DDOT’s Capital Bikeshare map.

Each Capital Bikeshare station will have the BIXI system, a solar-powered docking station that has multiple capabilities, according to Vox Populi. The stations will accept cash, credit card or a BIXI key.

The cost of the program has not yet been announced.

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