Burleith Residents Calling Out Illegal Rentals



-A Burleith neighborhood group is checking properties for illegal rentals. It has reported what it believes are 134 illegal basement rentals to the DC Department of Consumer & Regulatory Affairs. Property owners without a proper occupation license may face a fine.

According to a comment on the website Urban Turf, Mike Rupert, DCRA communications manager, advised, “This effort is in direct response to concerns of neighbors. Like we have seen in basements across the District—and most publicly when a student at Georgetown died just a few years ago—some of these apartments are unsafe and potentially deadly.”

Earlier this year, The DCRA contacted 125 Georgetown landlords who had allegedly rented properties without a valid license. At the time, DCRA stated: “We have sent letters to each of the property owners identified on the list asking them to please respond. If you are renting your property, please contact us immediately and we can assist you in getting your property licensed and, most importantly, inspected. We will not assess fines if you voluntarily come in and begin the licensing and inspection process.”


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