Citizens Expand Use of Cameras on the Streets

The Citizens Association of Georgetown has expanded the use of security cameras in the neighborhood.

Here’s CAG president Jennifer Altemus’s report: “In response to serious and wide-spread community concerns about public safety, the Citizens Association of Georgetown has broadened its Public Safety Program. We are installing security cameras in various locations throughout the residential community. We hope that the presence of these cameras will act as a deterrent to crime and assist the Metropolitan Police Department with criminal investigations. Right now we are focusing on the gateways into and out of the community, but we hope to expand the program within the year.

“Georgetown resident, Bill Dean, CEO of M.C. Dean, Inc., has generously donated the cameras for our pilot program. His company will handle the camera installations and maintenance.

“These cameras are just one of the elements our association has in place to keep us safe. Our private security guard program employs two guards in patrol cars policing our streets, escorting residents home, checking up on properties when residents are away, and working with the police to deter crime and track down criminal suspects.”

Visit CAG’s website to see how you can help and contribute:

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