Council Allows July 4 Liquor Sales

Alcohol sales from liquor stores will be permitted on Sunday, July 4 after a meeting of the D.C. council. Liquor stores will be allowed to remain open, despite current Sunday alcohol sales regulations, by a resolution the council passed on Tuesday in an additional legislative meeting.

Since D.C. legislation prohibits fireworks that explode or move after being ignited, many community members said they are not worried about safety risks. Some, however, still have reservations about the combination of alcohol and fire.

“I think it has been successful not to have it,” Georgetown resident Charles Rumph said. “There are crowds. It’s very rowdy. There have been injuries. Even with the professionals, there have been accidents.”

Others in the District said they would support a permanent lift on the ban that restricts liquor store sales to six days a week.

“They should always allow alcohol on Sundays,” Chinatown resident Layla said. “People have to take responsibility for their own actions.”

Layla said the most important thing people can do to stay safe is to watch their children carefully and stay alert when dealing with fireworks.

“There is always a safety concern. You don’t have to be drunk to blow your hand off,” she said.

Tai, a former Dupont Circle resident, agreed with the element of personal responsibility and said he agrees with the council’s decision.

“I think it is great. This is the United States. There shouldn’t be those limitations,” he said, also voicing support for a permanent lift on the ban and the legalization of marijuana.

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