Fall Fringe



-Capital Fringe Festival’s fall programming is in its second year, and this November, The Shop at Fort Fringe is reprising 10 of its summer hits. Among the more popular shows still running are “Romeo & Juliet: Choose Your Own Ending” (Nov. 10-21), Ridgefield Middle School Talent Night (Nov. 12-21), “This is Your Brain on Rock and Roll” (Nov. 17-21), and “Do Not Kill Me, Killer Robots” (Nov. 17-21).

“Romeo & Juliet” is unique in that the audience aids in determining the course of the play. This summer, the show received the Fringe Awards for Best Overall Show and Best Comedy.

Another comedy, “Do Not Kill Me, Killer Robots,” began replaying this week. The show features
a solo performance by Ben Egerman in a sea of cardboard props. In it, the last living man attempts to survive amongst an unseen enemy.

Also restarting this week is “This is Your Brain on Rock and Roll.” Ed Hamell received Fringe’s Director’s Award in 2009, and now the excitable singer-songwriter has put together a new comedic routine to entertain audiences.

If you missed any of these performances this summer, you’ve been given a second chance. Be sure to dress warmly when attending, because The Shop is an outdoor venue.

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