Hoyas Rebuff: ‘We’ve Been Here Since 1789. How About You?’

Declaring that parties are not a crime, Georgetown University students have counterpunched with StopCrimeNotParties.com. The website “will give students the opportunity to report encounters with local residents, the Metropolitan Police Department, the Department of Public Safety, and the Student Neighbor Assistance Program,” according to the Georgetown Voice news blog. The new website will document any instances of “questionable behavior” observed by students during those encounters—especially in the wake of an amended disorderly conduct law that outlaws any loud noise between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. that could be considered “likely to disturb one or more persons in their residence.”

The noise law prompted the students’ creation of the website, which distributes a Hoya blue lawn sign—in contrast to the residents’ red signs—for students or student sympathizers to post.

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