New Metro Stop Names



-On September 13, the ANC 6D voted 4-1 to lengthen the names of the Navy Yard and Waterford/SEU metro stations. The vote took place at the behest of the Capitol Riverfront BID, although any resulting changes will need to be approved by DDOT and WMATA.

Among the desired additions were the inclusions of Capitol Riverfront and Nationals Park in the Navy Yard title and Arena Stage in Waterfront’s. ANC 6D was on board with the alterations;
however, one stipulation was that Capitol Riverfront could not appear first among the growing list of sites to be included in the Navy Yard label. Still, as Washington blog DCist notes, in recent years Green Line metro stop descriptors have gotten out of hand.

At what point do titles cease being informative and start being excessive? Locals have little use for sentence-long destinations, so the move seems more of a ploy to draw in unassuming tourists to particular local attractions.
Hopefully, this is a trend on the wane, otherwise “map” may soon become another literary genre.

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