Waterfront Nears Completion, Despite Hang-ups

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Local blogger Topher Mathews posted an interesting update today on the long-anticipated second phase of the Georgetown Waterfront Park. The two-part project opened the first half of the park in summer 2008 to widespread acclaim, but the second phase, which includes a waterfront staircase (doubling as seating for boat races), fountain and promenade, has stalled in recent months, owing to budgetary snafus and unforeseen construction obstacles. (You know, the usual.)

The final tab overshot the original budget by $2.2 million, $1.9 million of which has been covered by appropriations by the city council and matching NPS funds. Now it looks like it’s largely up to the public to cover the remaining $300K (and indeed, it’s risen to the challenge, already having raised half that figure for the project). If enough money is raised, Georgetowners can expect to see a completed waterfront as early as 2011.

Prospective donors can go here to make a contribution.

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