Window Competition 2011

Meet the Judges

Nancy Miyahira – Nancy is the Marketing director for the Georgetown BID. During her years there, she has headed major Georgetown branding efforts like the new-and-improved Fashion’s Night Out, Twelve Days of Georgetown Merriment and the implementation of Georgetown’s national branding program. Nancy is an expert at drawing shoppers in!

John Asadoorian – Based in Georgetown, John is the owner of Asadoorian Retail Solutions. He has over 20 years of experience working with current and new developments to bring new retail shops to commercial and residential neighborhoods (like Georgetown). When it comes to retail, John knows what works.

Kelly Sullivan – Kelly is a former graphic designer for the Washington Post and National Geographic, and now does Marketing and Design for The Georgetowner. When it comes to dynamic design with regard to use of negative space and focal points, this lady is at the top of her game.    

Megan Dunn – Megan is a recent Georgetown graduate, avid shopper, and newest addition to The Georgetowner family. With high aspirations and holding great promise in the event-planning industry, Megan is a fantastic asset and has become an important member of our team.  

Sonya Bernhardt – Publisher of The Georgetowner, Sonya has seen over two decades of Georgetown Holidays and, as she says, “it never gets old.”

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