A Window to the Holiday Spirit

Holiday Window Competition winner, J. McLaughlin | Eliza Paul

Georgetown’s Annual Holiday Window Competition has been assembled again, and with the help of architect Christian Zapatka, The Georgetowner judged the holiday spirit of our festive local participants. Our winner this year was J. McLaughlin, where preppy seemingly went wild for the holidays, with their fun designs intended for Glitterati! See our other top picks in the below photos!

Q&A with Lauren Colyer, of J. McLaughlin

Who does your windows?

These Christmas windows were done by Bil Bond, who works in the design department. He designed the angel in the white dress and the backdrop, and then Chris, the assistant manager, and myself put together the outfits and all that stuff.

Was there a particular theme you were going for?

They had made the holiday angel, and then we did the outfits around it using what’s new in the store, doing our best to make it fun and jazzy to catch your attention. We always display our newest items in the window, which are currently a little dressier because it’s the holidays.

We do lots of fun colors and Kevin McLaughlin, who does the product development for the stores, put a trendy twist to the clothing this year.

What’s the history of J McLaughlin?

It’s owned by two brothers Kevin and Jay. Kevin does the designing. They started in NYC over 34 years ago. Their first store was on New York Ave., and they’ve slowly expanded up and down the East Coast.

Do you have a favorite item currently in the store?

I love the long ball gown skirt, which is in the window right now. Come see it!

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