Crossroads — Travel the World in Flavor

Silvestro Conte of Your Italia with wine consultant Janet Cam and real estate lawyer Bruce Rosen.

Heritage India on Wisconsin Avenue has been a Georgetown favorite for many years, and we are happy to hear that Sanjeev and Mitul Tuli of Heritage Management Services have recently opened Crossroads at 1901 Pennsylvania Ave., NW. Crossroads is located in the basement of a building at the corner of 19th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, sharing half the space with Heritage India.

Chef Ravi Narayanan created an ever-changing menu of small plates, reflecting the cuisines of North America, South America, Asia, Africa and Europe. To add to the mix, Narayanan has included a variety of Japanese sushi and sashimi, in-house made pate, charcuterie and an offering of local cheeses. After being seated, we were very intimidated by the ambitious wide range of items the menu had to offer. After speaking to the chef, it was decided that he would compose a tasting that allowed us to travel the world in flavor.

We began the tasting in North America with a delicate tuna tartare tower with the cucumber caviar. The ginger crisp helped to create a delicious yet delicate flavor that we were all hoping to get seconds of. The composition continued with grilled romaine salad with herb dressing and phyllo dough wrapped prawns. A favorite of the table was the deep fried kale and Brussels sprout chips with baharat spice and tzatziki sauce from Africa. Being a fan of kale chips, the combination of the Brussels sprouts and tzatziki sauce is one that is a must-try on the menu. The chef continued the tour by offering braised pork belly and a duck confit with homemade thyme crackers.

If there were ever a misstep, it may have been the house-cured salmon. Though beautifully displayed, the amount of salt made the dish something to only admire visually. We finished the meal with homemade sorbets that were light and refreshing and made a perfect end to the tasting. Crossroads offers a lovely selection of wines. Most dishes range from $10 to $12.

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