See and Know Leroy Justice at DC9

Leroy Justice

It all started at a poker game. Leroy Justice front man, Jason Gallagher, went to a poker game in Manhattan’s Lower East Side with his brother-in-law. From then on, Gallagher “kind of became the Neil Young to their Crazy Horse.” Despite the evolution of Leroy Justice’s sound, with each change up it “always sounded like us … like Leroy Justice,” Gallagher said.

Returning to D.C., Gallagher and the band hope to reunite with former band member, Michael Kelly, who stars in “House of Cards.”

“I think we’re just figuring out how to get our music to people,” Gallagher said. “I think we can win people over if we can get our music to new people. That’s why we play shows.”

What’s next for Leroy Justice? The five-member, New York-based band will be making its way down to D.C. club, DC9 on June 20 for the Monk Czech Release Party (Dominion Brewing & Dawson’s Liquor Beer Collaboration).

“If you haven’t seen us live, you haven’t seen us,” explained Gallagher. “If you haven’t seen us live, you don’t know Leroy.”

For ticket information for Leroy Justice’s show at DC9, visit

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