Trees for Georgetown Fete on May 8


You know Georgetown loves its trees. Here is your chance to share that love with the neighborhood. The Trees for Georgetown Spring Celebration takes place May 8 at the 29th Street home of Shelley and Bruce Ross-Larsen, a house once owned by Susan Mary Alsop.

The house and garden reception will launch “Georgetown Initiative for Family Trees,” a program to care for and sponsor trees, and it is also the main source of funds for tree that planted in Georgetown under the program.

The new program — aka GIFT — allows sponsors of each tree to tag it with a QR code that tells the story of the tree and its honoree, whether to remember a family member or mark a special milestone.

Founded in 1989 and an offshoot of the Citizens Association of Georgetown (pun intended), Trees for Georgetown has been partnering with the D.C. Urban Forestry Administration and Casey Trees in an innovative program to plant residential street trees. Species planted include honey locust, burr oak, chestnut oak, overcup oak, scarlet oak, northern red oak, swamp white oak, sweetgum, zelkova, hornbeam, and London plane.

Each tree costs approximately $800 to purchase and plant. Trees for Georgetown is a volunteer group funded entirely by gifts and grants. Please support the continuing effort to keep our neighborhood vibrant and green. Donations may be sent to Trees for Georgetown, c/o the Citizens Association of Georgetown. For more information, email Betsy Emes at, or call the CAG office at 337-7313.

Tickets to the May 8 party are $150 for individuals; sponsorships range from $500 to $1,500. For more information about the GIFT program and the spring celebration, email or call 202-345-2400.

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