Doors Close to Mall Visitors During Shutdown (photos)

It was noon on a beautiful Summer-like day when the National Mall would normally be filled with museum goers, vendors, government workers, and the sounds of fountains, softball bats and carousels. Instead, visitors on October 1 were greeted with barricades, and locked doors. It was of course the first day of a Congress inspired government shutdown.

By viewing our photos (by clicking on the photo icons below), you can get an idea of the emptiness on the Mall. You will also meet disappointed visitors from New Zealand, Australia and Brazil who were in town for short vacations. You will meet the manager of Smithsonian Segway tours offering two for one specials with few takers. And veterans trying to visit the great war memorials, confronted by steel barriers and police tape. Days like these do serve one purpose, to help us appreciate what treasures we have, but sometimes take for granted.

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