Who Lives Here Georgetown

Each year around the Georgetowner’s anniversary, we list a few of the more famous who live in this remarkable neighborhood, so full of history, so grateful of its present well-to-do situation — and so hopeful of its future achievers, now arriving or being born.

Those who lived in Georgetown include Thomas Jefferson,
William Corcoran, Francis Scott Key, Alexander Graham Bell, Jack and Jackie Kennedy, Bobby and Ethel Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Averell and Pamela Harriman, Elizabeth Taylor and John Warner, Henry Kissinger, Pierre Salinger, Dean Acheson and Herblock.

As we say at the Georgetowner, “Once a Georgetowner,

always a Georgetowner.”

1) Madeleine Albright

This professor might have some pointers for her neighbor, Secretary of State Kerry.

2) Robert Allbritton

Would it be impolitic to say we really like that big Q Street house and will attend the next big party?

3) Tina Alster + Paul Frazier

Great skin doctor, great house and hubby, too.

4) Elizabeth Bagley

A favorite D.C. influencer and ambassador, whose home receptions are a presidential must-attend.

5) Ben Bradlee + Sally Quinn

If one living couple can make you think “Georgetown!” instantly, it’s these renowned Posties.

6) Calvin + Jane Cafritz

Great supporters of the Washington National Opera

7) Bill Dean

His Halloween party is up next: get ready for the sexy ghouls.

8) Maureen Dowd

This NYT columnist lives in a JFK house with a juke box in the living room. Fear her, too.

9) Mark Ein

High-tech entrepreneur Ein used the old Graham estate on R Street for something really important: his wedding to Sally Stiebel.

10) Jack + Michele Evans

Ward 2 Councilman Jack Evans could become the next Mayor of Washington, D.C.

11) Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen

This Procter & Gamble heir chased down a pickpocket six years ago, leading to the arrest of an 18-year-old suspect.

12) C. Boyden Gray

He is no dude, just one of Georgetown’s classic gentlemen.

13) Walter Issacson

The Aspen Institute? A book on Steve Jobs? This dude is busy.

14) Hugh Newell Jacobsen

Georgetown’s beloved architect has his influence all around us and beyond. Check out Boxwood Winery in Middleburg.

15) Kitty Kelley

The famous fear her pen. She may be tough, but she is awfully nice to us.

16) John Kerry

He and his wife Teresa Heinz live in the Bodesco House on O Street.

17) Anthony Lanier

The man who transformed M Street is going strong and still has his sense of humor.

18) Mark Lerner

He likes to play major ball, as in Major League Baseball. Go, Nats!

19) Sen. Joe Lieberman

The good senator walks most Saturdays to Kesher Israel at 28th and N Streetsfrom Hillandale.

20) Anne Nitze

This hostess makes the classic cool.

21) Nancy Pelosi

A Trinity gal, who married a Hoya guy, and lives down by the river. What’s not to like?

22) Kevin Plank

The “sweatiest guy on the football field” became a billionaire.

23) Bill Plant

The CBS News White House correspondent can also be seen at Holy Trinity Church.

24) Nora Poullon

She is America’s first certified restauranteur.

25) Michael Saylor

MicroStrategy founder advocates that education should be free and is three a sailor (really, a yachtsman).

26) Tom + Carol Wheeler

The new FCC chair has been called “the ultimate D.C. insider.”

27) Bob Woodward

Washington Post, Watergate, insider stories and still at his Post.


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