Gypsy Sally’s, Smith Point Seek Lone Tavern License


There is one tavern liquor license now available
in Georgetown, which remains under a
neighborhood liquor license moratorium.
Because the defunct Saloun, formerly at 3239
M Street, did not renew its tavern license, the
Alcoholic Beverage Control Board cancelled its
license Oct. 30.

So, who has applied for this one-of-a-kind,
tavern-nightclub license?

The Alcoholic Beverage Regulation
Administration told the Georgetowner Nov. 18
that it “has received two applications for the
tavern license in Georgetown. Gypsy Sally’s
Acoustic Tavern LLC, trading as Gypsy Sally’s
at 3401 Water St., NW, applied to transfer
its restaurant license to become a tavern in
Georgetown. The second is from Restaurant
Enterprises, Inc., trading as Smith Point at 1338
Wisconsin Avenue, NW. They also submitted an
application to transfer their alcoholic beverage
license from a restaurant to a tavern in the area.
Applications are being reviewed on a first-come,
first-serve basis and are subject to the approval of
the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board.”
Last week, ABRA announced: “ …

Restrictions have temporarily been lifted on
alcoholic beverage licenses for taverns in the
Georgetown Historic District. The change
occurred after the number of licensed taverns
within the historic area fell below a legislative
cap of six. … Taverns located in the
Georgetown Historic District are permitted to
transfer alcoholic beverage licenses to new
owners and new locations within the area. An
existing restaurant in the historic district will
also be able to apply to become a tavern or
nightclub in the neighborhood. Applications
to make any of the changes would need
to be filed with the Alcoholic Beverage
Regulation Administration for consideration by
the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board.”
“The Alcoholic Beverage Control Act
and Rules Reform Amendment Act of 1994
freezes the transfer or sale of tavern and
nightclub licenses in the Georgetown Historic
District when there are six or more taverns
and/or nightclubs licensed in the area,”
according to ABRA.

There are no nightclubs licensed in
Georgetown — once a sixth tavern license is
issued, ABRA noted, “the ability to transfertavern
licenses will end once the legislative cap
of six taverns and/or nightclubs is reached in
the Georgetown Historic District.”


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