Kerry, Clinton, Bush Rally for Afghan Women


Secretary of State John Kerry, former
Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton
and former first lady Laura Bush gathered at
Georgetown University Nov. 15 for “Advancing
Afghan Women: Promoting Peace and Progress
in Afghanistan.” They joined forces to speak to
an overflowing Gaston Hall about the importance
in continuing to support and assist the
advancement of Afghan women.

Clinton who, in addition to being a former
first lady and former Secretary of State, is
the U.S. Afghan Women’s Council honorary
co-chair (with Bush) and a supporter of the
Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and
Security. She spoke of the need for a society
to engage all of its members. Kerry spoke of
the many different levels of success that have
been achieved in Afghanistan since 2001, and
the terrible regression that would take place
if efforts came to a halt. “What has been
achieved is nothing less than remarkable,” he
said. “It would have been more than a tragedy
if the world ever allowed this progress to be
threatened or, worse yet, to be abandoned.”

Likewise, Bush expressed her worry that
attention would turn away from Afghanistan
and its women after the U.S. military departs
in 2014.


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